Saturday, December 31, 2011

Writing goals for 2012

For the past two years, my writing goals have been pretty much the same: write more and submit more. I intend to continue to work toward those goals this year, but I'm going to mix it up a bit with something different for this list.

1. Dip my toes into the waters of e-publishing.
My interest in e-publishing has grown since getting a Kindle for my birthday in mid-November. I have several published stories for which the rights have (or will soon) revert back to me. So I plan to work up a couple of e-book collections of my short stories and offer them on Amazon and Smashwords.

2. Apply to a writers workshop.
Specifically, Orson Scott Card's Boot Camp - assuming he holds one in 2012. I've wanted to go for a long time but haven't been able to work out the money and/or the timing. Clarion and Clarion West are too long and too expensive, but a weeklong workshop sounds just about right. And graduates of Boot Camp have good things to say about their experiences there. So this year, come hell or high water, I'm going to apply.

3. Enter Writers of the Future every quarter.
I've now entered for 13 consecutive quarters, and I won't stop until I've either won or made myself ineligible through professional sales.

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