Friday, January 6, 2012

More on e-publishing

In my quest to gather more information about electronic publishing, I came across a guest post by self-publishing novelist Elle Lothlorien at JA Konrath's blog. Hers is an interesting story because without much apparent marketing and by raising the price on her one novel, she has made several hundred sales per month since last fall.

This sounds contrary to common sense, that increasing the cost of your book results in more sales. She has theories about why this happened. But her post doesn't explain to my satisfaction the big question, probably because there's no easy answer: Why did lightning strike for her and not for the hundreds (or thousands?) of other self-publishing writers out there?

Part of it is probably the genre she chose to write in: romantic comedy. Part of it is probably the stellar reviews her novel was receiving. Out of curiosity, I opened the free sample on "The Frog Prince" and got about three paragraphs in before coming across a Denver-centric reference to the Brown Palace Hotel. I went back to read Lothlorien's bio and saw she lives in Denver. That sealed the deal. I clicked on the "buy" button. Why? Partly because I want to judge for myself why this book took off the way it did, and partly because I want to support a fellow local writer. It's my first purchase of a self-published book. We'll see how it goes.

Writing progress: Another 400 words written last night, for a running total of 1,200 on the work-in-progress.

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