Sunday, January 29, 2012

Quick update

I've been busy with writing-related stuff the past couple of days. I've written about 1,000 words on the work-in-progress and plan to add another 500 or so tonight. I've also been catching up on slush reading. And I'm taking on another long-term project with a friend that involves writing one flash piece (1,000 words or less) per month, trading stories for quick critiques and getting them out on submission. It'll be good for me to jump back into doing flash. I haven't written one in more than a year.

Chuck series finale: The responses I've seen on message boards have been pretty evenly split between those who loved the finale and those who hated how it ended. I fall in with those who loved it. The final episode was a skip down nostalgia lane, re-enacting some of the best moments from the past five years (the Wienerlicious! Chuck downloads the Intersect!). The supporting characters all got happy endings (Jeffster as German pop stars! Subway buys the Buy More!). Most of all, I loved how the final scene on the beach was not an ending for Chuck and Sarah but a beginning. A new adventure. No, they didn't get their little house with the white picket fence. This was better: It was romantic and hopeful and perfect.

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