Saturday, February 4, 2012

42 hours of snowfall

We take our winter seriously here in Colorado. The latest storm started with some flurries Thursday evening and didn't move out until noon today, after it had dumped about 18 inches of white stuff on the driveway. (My back and shoulders ache from the shoveling.) More than 17.1 inches would make it the biggest February snowstorm in Denver's history. I'm guessing we set a record.

Most Denver-area employees wisely called in sick Friday and stayed off the roads. Unfortunately, I work in a profession that doesn't grind to a halt for anything. Come holidays or snowstorms, the newspaper comes out every day. So I plowed into work and back home again last night, which was the worse part as far as road conditions went. There are a handful of nighttime work commutes every winter in which I grip the steering wheel white-knuckled, creep along the interstate at 40 mph and - once I have pulled into the garage - thank God for getting me home in one piece. Last night was one of those nights.

Writing progress: Running total of 5,300 words. I plan to get another 1,000 to 1,500 words written this weekend. I'm feeling really good about this story so far.


Justin A. Williams said...

Giiiiveee meeee the snoooowwww. Steerpike's monkey commands you to giiiivee meeee the snoooowwwww.

Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Ha! Please come and get it! This is the snowiest February in a long time. Another couple inches fell last night.