Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wrapping up February

Happy Leap Day! Really, an extra day on the calendar should not be associated with leaping, which involves jumping or skipping over something. The name would be more accurate if we lost a day instead of added one. Anyway, with another 14 hours until March as I write this, the stats might change. But as of right now, here's how I did for February:

Words of fiction written: 5,100
Stories started: 1
Stories finished: 1
New submissions: 4
Total stories out on submission: 5

I hit my modest word count goal for the month. I did not finish the first draft of my next Writers of the Future entry, as I wanted to, but I am one longish scene from the end. However, the opening scene will take some serious revising before I send the story to my first readers. I've come to realize I started in the wrong place and the first three pages are a big infodump. That's OK for my purposes of getting oriented but not OK for the final product.

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Justin A. Williams said...

Not bad at all. Always happy to see people submitting, instead of not, which forces me to send Steerpike's monkey out to harass them until they do.