Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of March stats

As of a half-hour ago, I am entered in Quarter 2 of Writers of the Future, which is my 14th consecutive submission in the contest. I have never cut it so close to the deadline, which is about six or seven hours from now. I've spent the past week making a critical revision to my story. My protagonist has a goal, but she had no deep, driving, personal motivation for achieving that goal. As a result, my readers would have no reason to care whether she was successful for not.

That's fixed now. I finished the rewrite last night about 2:30 a.m., and I'm happy with the result. However the story places (or doesn't place) in the contest, I've given it my absolute best effort.

Wrapping up March:
  • Words of fiction written: Hard to say. Except for a 750-word flash piece, my work this month has been redrafting and revising. I'll estimate that I've written 2,000 new words since the middle of the month. Add in the first half of March, and that comes to a total of 5,500.
  • Stories started: 1
  • Stories finished: 2
  • New submissions: 7
  • Stories out on submission: 7

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