Monday, March 19, 2012

A little talk about football

Let's start by getting this out of the way: I am not a football fan. My husband is fanatical. He loves the Cowboys. He's been playing fantasy football since before most people knew what it was. But not me. I tolerate football.

That changed last season. What changed? Tim Tebow. Yes, I admit it. I like Tim Tebow. I like that he's not a prototypical NFL quarterback. I like that he's erratic. I like the Tebowing. I like that he started every interview by thanking his lord and savior and spent most of his microphone time praising his teammates instead of tooting his own horn. He isn't a great quarterback and might never be one, but he makes the game fun and exciting to watch.

But that's over now. The Broncos are signing Peyton Manning, which means they will go back to being a typical boring football team. Even if they win the Super Bowl, which is obviously what they're aiming for, I won't be watching. The magic will be gone.

I can't see how Tebow will stay in Denver now. Last season, he led his team to an incredible, improbable winning streak and to the playoffs. This season, he would be watching from the bench. He could probably benefit from learning from someone like Manning, but I doubt it will happen. Besides, anyone think Manning would put up with the fans screaming his backup's name every time he flubs a pass?

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