Saturday, March 24, 2012

Writing progress and other things

Here's how the story process has gone this quarter for Writers of the Future:
  • Write story
  • Decide story isn't good enough
  • Redraft story from scratch
I finished the redraft two days ago and sent it to my first readers, who are doing a fantastic job of sending me their feedback in record time. I appreciate this because the quarter ends March 31. I have only a week to get my story into submission shape. That week also happens to be my kids' spring break, which means I'll be spending time doing things with them when I usually would be writing. It'll be interesting, squeezing out time for revisions.

In completely unrelated news, here is the woman who will replace the Ponds aboard the TARDIS:

The actress' name is Jenna-Louise Coleman, and I know nothing about her except that she looks adorable in a sweater. And she's going to have to be pretty awesome to make me OK with Amy and Rory checking out of Doctor Who.

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