Friday, May 4, 2012

April stats, a few days late

Life has thrown a few curve balls -- or maybe heat-seeking missiles -- at me in the past week or so, which is why I'm late in posting my stats for last month. They're not good. I attribute that to two factors: burnout at the start of the month and life issues at the end of the month. That left me with about two weeks in the middle of April when I was writing and everything was good.

Words of fiction written: About 3,500 -- well below my goal of 5,000.
Stories started: 1
Stories finished: 1
New submissions: 1 (That is awful. I've been waiting for a couple of specific markets to reopen that promised to do so in mid-April or the start of May, but so far they have not.)
Stories out on submission: 4 (Two stories are currently not out on submission because I'm waiting for two markets -- mentioned above -- to reopen. I also have a flash that is almost ready to send out but is in need of some revision first.)

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