Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting back to normal

I have a reason for my blog silence: I had all four wisdom teeth out on Wednesday and have been in recovery mode ever since. Two of them were impacted and horizontal, and those are the holes in my mouth that are taking the longest time to heal. I'm up to eating soft foods. My diet this weekend consists mostly of scrambled eggs, refried beans, oatmeal, yogurt and fruit smoothies. Oh, and I cannot believe the number of medications I'm taking. I have greater respect now for people who take a medley of pills at various times all day, every day. I have to do it for only a week, and I can hardly keep it all straight.

True Blood starts up tonight, and for the first time ever I get to watch the episodes as they air because we now have HBO. For all the previous seasons, I've had to wait for the DVD release, which usually comes about a year after the season airs. I haven't watched last season yet except for the finale, so I'll be watching both seasons at the same time. Should be interesting.

Writing progress: I finished a flash piece last night about a priest, an AI who thinks she's Annie Oakley, a dirigible and some mechanical bees. It was damn fun to write. My third-quarter entry for Writers of the Future is basically done, and I'm hoping to submit the story this week.


Steve Husk said...

I did the 'four wisdom teeth at once' thing when I was 17...a horrible time to be conscious. Congrats on what sounds like a fairly solid recovery...except for the food selection part.

My WotF entry gets shipped out this Saturday!

Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Hey Steve. Yeah, it's been a rough week but not as bad as it could have been. I got told about all sorts of possible complications involving holes in my sinuses and damage to nerves. None of that happened, thank goodness. I plan to submit my Q3 entry on Saturday, too. Good luck!