Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Firefly: 10 years, really?

Hey, the Science Channel is going to give me a birthday present. They're going to film the Firefly cast's Comic-Con panel this Friday and also do an in-depth roundtable, and then show the special along with a Firefly marathon on Nov. 11 -- my 36th birthday. The Comic-Con appearance and the special are marking the 10th anniversary of the show. Ten years, people! And I'd venture to guess Firefly is more popular today than it was when it originally aired. Ten years ago, I wasn't married (although I was engaged), and I certainly wasn't a mother to three. What was life like before marriage and kids? Sometimes it's hard to remember. But I do remember a friend and I going over to her house once a week after work to eat popcorn and watch Firefly. I loved that.

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