Friday, December 28, 2012

Submission stats for 2012

This afternoon, I made what will likely be my last story submission for 2012. So it's time to look at some stats for the year. Figuring out these stats will probably also be the last time I use Duotrope for anything significant. For those who don't know, Duotrope is going to a pay-only service next year. I could definitely afford $5 a month for the service, but I dislike how the folks at Duotrope went about handling the whole thing, so I won't be subscribing. Anyway, on with the stats:

Total submissions: 39
Submissions to pro-paying markets: 34
Stories currently on submission: 5
Total acceptances: 5
Acceptances to pro-paying markets: 2

It's the last stat that is a huge deal for me -- my first pro-level sales. One of those has been published and one will be next year.

Story publications in 2012:
30 Pounds of Human Tissue, Daily Science Fiction
The Spinners, Every Day Fiction
Caged, Every Day Fiction
Father Francis and His Mechanical Bees, Every Day Fiction

Stories slated for publication in 2013:
Catch a Fallen Star, Fireside Magazine
Malfunction, Raygun Chronicles anthology, reprint

I should note that all my story publications in 2012 were flash pieces. That's mostly thanks to a project this year between me and fellow writer Dustin Adams to write a flash story every month. Two of my five stories currently out on submission are also flashes. My two stories slated for publication next year are both longer.

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