Saturday, May 18, 2013

Doctor Who Season 7.2

Anyone who reads my blog on a semi-regular basis knows I love Doctor Who. It is hands down the best science fiction on television. You also might have noticed that I haven't been recapping episodes this year. That's partly because I don't have the time and partly because this season hasn't excited me the way previous seasons have. I enjoyed the final farewell of the Ponds and was intrigued by the idea of the new companion. But Clara hasn't panned out as I had hoped.

Clara is an interesting experiment. She's a character with a Big Mystery. (Side note: Didn't we already do this with River?) We don't know who/what she is. The Doctor doesn't know who/what she is. And Clara is clueless, not realizing that there's any Big Mystery at all. But what that means is that for five or six episodes now, ever since "The Bells of Saint John," Clara hasn't been a character at all. She's a character-in-waiting. A blank slate. A Big Mystery in need of solving instead of a person. And that simply doesn't work when she's the co-star of the show.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jenna Louise Coleman. She's cute and perky and brings a totally different vibe to the TARDIS than Amy and Rory did. I loved her in "Asylum of the Daleks" and "The Snowmen," but not so much since. When she made her first appearance, didn't we hear a lot about how she can out-manic Matt Smith's Doctor? How Clara was going to give the Doctor a run for his money intellectually? I'd like to know: Where is that companion?

Tonight's season finale is called "The Name of the Doctor." OK. I don't want to know the Doctor's name. That's a mystery that is part of the show's canon and should never ever be revealed. Rather, tonight, I want to see the mystery of Clara solved so that we can all get past this "who/what is she" crap and get on with filling in the lines of her character and having some romping good adventures without any mysteries hanging over us. I'm so, so tired of Moffat's mysteries. Who's with me?

I will post my thoughts on the finale tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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