Sunday, June 2, 2013

Doctor Who: Who's next?

The news broke yesterday: Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who after the 50th anniversary special and the Christmas special. After their initial surprise, fans all over the Internet started speculating: Who will play the 12th Doctor? Apparently the bookies like Rupert Grint and Russell Tovey. Grint is too much identified with Ron Weasley to make an effective Doctor, I think. Tovey (of Being Human) would be a better choice, seeing as Steven Moffat has cast him before in an episode of Sherlock (and he's also appeared on Doctor Who). I've heard the names of a few American actors thrown out there, but that would be a huge mistake. The Doctor must be British. (Still, Peter Dinklage would be awesome.)

If Moffat's smart, he'll go with an actor (or actress, but that sadly probably won't happen) who is mostly unknown and carries little baggage of past roles with him. Matt Smith hadn't done much previous to becoming the Doctor, and that worked out just fine.

But if Moffat were going to cast someone well-known, here are a few I'd like to see take on the iconic role. (Note: I'm not overly familiar with who's who in British acting circles, so you'll have to forgive my very American outlook.)

Benedict Cumberbatch
The star of Sherlock, who also is currently starring in the new Star Trek, has already said he wouldn't be interested in playing the Doctor, but a girl can dream. He also might suffer from the same problem as Rupert Grint, in that he's too closely identified with other iconic roles. But, that voice ... those eyes ... Sorry, I went fan girl for a sec there.

Tom Hiddleston
Yes, he's Loki. Another iconic role. But he has a wonderful intensity that I think would be a nice change for the role after Matt Smith's more clownish Eleventh.

Ben Whishaw
He's young and talented, a Shakespearean actor who's winning awards in Britain, and he's familiar to Americans as the new Q in the most recent James Bond movie. According to many of the articles I've been looking at today, he's a front-runner.

Hugh Laurie
Again, this is one step away from impossible. But let's take a moment to imagine the man who brought life to the acerbic Gregory House and the buffoonish Bertie Wooster traipsing across all of time and space in a blue police box.

Dan Stevens
He's Matthew Crawley on "Downton Abbey," which gives him strong recognition on both sides of the pond, and he's an actor I haven't seen suggested pretty much anywhere, which would make him a curve ball.

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Dustin said...

I was so bummed to hear he's leaving! But at least he gave enough notice to hire someone before he exits in the Christmas special. Then, next season...

I'm going with an unknown, similar to Smith. I wonder if he'll be younger again. Total Dr. reversal.

Oh, and what do you think about Hurt? Is he the 9th Dr, meaning the next one will be 13? That will make for some interesting stories. He'd be paranoid about dying.