Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday stuff and fluff

Happy Saturday, blog readers. This is the second week in a row that I'm doing general updatery stuff on Saturday morning, and maybe I can make a habit out of it.

First, some good news: Fireside Magazine will be going live next week, Wednesday, Aug. 14. My story "Catch a Fallen Star" will be going live in November. Fireside published three issues last year in paper and ebook, and now is revamping the format for online. Every month there will be three or four stories. I've seen the schedule of what's publishing when, and the talent lineup is great.

The writing is going well. I did my 200+ words every day this week except one, and that was because of a horrible, no-good, nausea-inducing headache that reduced me to a sad, huddled figure under my bed covers in a dark room. Can't write when I can't see straight.

Story submissions this week: 2

And now to get on my soapbox for a moment: a bit on the next Doctor on "Doctor Who." I've read from several online commentators this week that the casting of Peter Capaldi is going to drive away a certain segment of the fandom: those who were on board because they like their Doctor young and hot. I watched a video today of a British teenage girl throwing a fit when Capaldi came out on stage for the announcement last week. ("Ugh," she said with a look of disgust.) I'm one of those who's in for the long haul on this show because I like the premise, and I think the quality of the writing and acting is more important than whether the person playing the Doctor will make People magazine's Sexiest Alive list. That being said, I'm going on the record that David Tennant and Matt Smith would be lucky to look as good at 55 as Peter Capaldi does. From what I've seen, he has poise and confidence and, yes, is quite handsome. So give the man a flattering haircut and costume, and let him do his thing. All will be well, Whovians.

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