Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday stuff and fluff

Weekly! Update! Whoo!

The work-in-progress has passed the 5,000-word mark. I'm loving the story and characters, and I'll hit "the end" on the first draft sometime this week or next. My kids are back in school on Monday, which will make my mornings quieter and more conducive for writing. I also hope to get back into running several times a week.

Submissions this week: 2

Favorite writer of the week: Chuck Wendig. His serial The Forever Endeavor is publishing in Fireside Magazine. Friends of mine have recommended his work to me before, and I've never gotten around to reading it. After reading the first part of The Forever Endeavor, I'm going to track down more of his stories. Fantastic style, excellent use of dialogue.

Cool astronomy news: A Japanese astronomer discovered a new nova last week. With a decent pair of binoculars, you too can find it in the night sky and say you've seen a stellar explosion. More information here.

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