Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday stuff and fluff

Let's see ... the week that was.

I finished the first draft of a 7,000 word short story and did a happy dance in the kitchen, which my kids laughed at. Silly Mom, bopping around the kitchen. If they were older, they probably would have been embarrassed rather than amused. I also did some minor tweaking on another story that is now ready to go for pro-market submissions after I get receive my inevitable no-thanks from Writers of the Future sometime in the coming weeks. (BTW, that's not a reflection on the story, which I think might be my best ever, but a reflection on how my style apparently doesn't push the right buttons with the WotF judges. Yet I keep entering every quarter. Is that the definition of insanity?)

Submissions this week: 1

My body is finally adjusting to the earlier wake-up time required for getting the kids to school. Maybe I'll have energy to go running (OK, OK jogging) in the mornings this week. I haven't done much of anything resembling exercise over the summer, so I'll be starting slow. That woman you see huffing through the neighborhood, looking like she might keel over onto the sidewalk at any second, thus requiring CPR and possibly a call to 911 ... that might be me.

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