Friday, September 27, 2013

Writers of the Future Quarter 3

Anyone who's been dropping by my blog for the last, oh, five years, recognizes that I post these updates on my Writers of the Future finish every quarter. (Actually, last quarter I skipped, but that's neither here nor there.) Every quarter except one in which I made semi-finalist, I've reported an honorable mention or rejection. So I'm very happy to share the news that this quarter, I am a finalist!

I had convinced myself several quarters ago that I was never going to break through that ceiling, that my writing style and the sorts of things I write aren't suited for this contest's judges. At least for this quarter, I'm happy to admit I was wrong. I hit the bull's-eye ... or pretty close to it. Out of eight finalists, three are chosen as winners. All other things being equal, the odds are against me pulling out a win, so I'm preparing myself for a sadder result. But win or lose, this is a big achievement for me.

The stats in 19 quarters:
Finalist: 1
Semi-finalist: 1
Honorable mention: 10
Silver honorable mention: 1
Rejection: 6

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Ben Mann said...

Here's hoping we hear even more good news in a couple of months, Jennifer.