Saturday, October 26, 2013

Carrying on

Story rejection is hard. Losing out in the final judging of the Writers of the Future contest is the hardest rejection I have ever received. But I've started to bounce back much faster than I thought I would. I'm not devastated. I'm not indulging in self-pity, or burning all my notebooks. My general outlook on life is forward-looking, and that's serving me well right now. I'm looking forward to submitting my finalist story to other editors (though that's on hold until I know whether WotF wants the story as a published finalist), and I've written 2,000+ words on a new short story since Monday.

Entertainment consumption this week: I've watched the first five episodes of the first season of "Homeland," and it's fantastically good. I also watched the premiere of "Dracula" last night and was underwhelmed, mostly because of the heavy-handed stylistic approach and the overly loud, dramatic musical score. "SHIELD" continues to lose my interest a little more each week. And the shipper in me is looking forward to Emma-Hook smooches on "Once Upon a Time" with the hope that they won't be the last for this couple.

The week's stats:
Word count: 2,100
Submissions: 0
Stories out on submission: 8

I'll close with the song I've listened to a lot this week:

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