Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday stuff and fluff is waiting

I've heard from previous finalists (and experienced vicariously through a friend) about the agonizing wait between that wonderful phone call to tell you that you're a Writers of the Future finalist, and the second call that will either send you soaring or break your heart. Now I'm experiencing it for myself, and yes, it's agonizing.

I do a decent job of keeping myself busy. Kids, household chores and errands, writing, reading and the day job are more than enough to fill the hours. No matter what I'm doing, my brain inevitably strays back to the same questions over and over. Will my story hit the right buttons with the judges? Am I off to L.A. in April, or is it back to the drawing board? The problem is that there's nothing I can do about it. I sent in the best story I could in June, and now the decision is completely out of my hands. So I write something new. I play with the kids. I do the grocery shopping and go to the dentist. I go to work. I write some more. And I wait.

Stats for the week:
  • Submissions:2
  • Stories out on submission: 8
  • Word count: 3,200

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