Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September stats

September was an unusually productive month for me, at least in terms of getting words onto paper (or the screen). My submission stats aren't too impressive because most of my stories on submission have been out for weeks:

Submissions: 2
Stories out on submission: 8
Stories finished: 2
Approximate word count: 7,500

I have four stories that are in limbo between acceptance and publication. Two of them have solid release dates, and two do not. There's another story that is a Writers of the Future finalist, but I don't know yet whether it's a winner or a rejection. Some of my higher-than-usual word count has resulted from being named a finalist. I've gone somewhat manic over the past week, and a lot of that excess crazy energy has gone into writing.

Also, if you're looking for some short fiction to dig your teeth into this week, I'd like to point you toward two stories written by friends and writing colleagues. Nick T. Chan's "Sisters" is up at Galaxy's Edge. This was a Writers of the Future finalist and a story that stuck so much with editor Mike Resnick that, as he says the introduction, he tracked Nick down to acquire it. Also, the new issue of Plasma Frequency is up, and Dustin Adams' "One World" is the cover story. This one has a great twist ending that you'll just have to go read. Right now.

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