Friday, November 22, 2013

Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary weekend

I started watching Doctor Who with the Eleventh Hour, which was Matt Smith's debut as the Doctor and Steven Moffat's debut as showrunner. It aired (according to Wikipedia) on April 3, 2010. That makes this weekend more like my 3 1/2 year anniversary with Doctor Who. It seems like it's been longer than that, in a good way. I enjoyed my first taste (of fish fingers and custard) so much that I plowed through every episode since the reboot in a matter of weeks.

But unless you're living under a pop culture rock, you've heard that Doctor Who is 50 years old, and this weekend is the birthday bash. The highlight of the festivities is the airing of the anniversary episode "The Day of the Doctor," which will air at the same time across the globe. That's early Saturday afternoon here in Denver. Whovians across the U.S. and probably the world will be gathering to watch it in theaters. Several theaters in Denver are taking part. Alas, I will be at work and will watch on the plain old television in my plain old living room when I get home that night. I just hope I can avoid spoilers all afternoon.

Beyond that:
  • There's "An Adventure in Space and Time," which is a documentary drama about the early days of Doctor Who. BBC America is airing that Friday evening. Once again, I'll be watching it on DVR after work. (Are we seeing a trend here?)
  • Google is doing a fantastic Doctor Who doodle and game that will go live here in the states at midnight Saturday. But you can play it now by going to Britain's Google homepage.
  • If you haven't watched them yet, there are two new minisodes online, "The Night of the Doctor" and "The Last Day," both of which are easily found on YouTube.

To sum up, it's a good weekend to be a Whovian.

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