Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Writing fan fiction

Sometime over the past couple of weeks, I've hit a wall on writing. It might have been because of the almost-but-not-quite from Writers of the Future. I don't know. Anyway, I've been trying to put on an optimistic face and work through the blockage, but my strategy hasn't been working. Or rather, yes, I have been writing, but no, I haven't been enjoying it. Putting my butt in the chair just hasn't been fun lately. It has been a chore.

This isn't good. First and foremost, I got into writing because it's fun. Because I love to tell stories. When it's not fun anymore, it's time to take measures to remind myself of why I'm doing this. It's time to make it fun again. And that means dropping the original fiction for a week or two and writing fan fiction.

Fan fiction is where I started more than 15 years ago. It's my first love. I've written tens of thousands of words about my favorite television shows. About five and a half years ago, I switched to original fiction and have hardly written a word of fan fiction since (except for a couple of Dollhouse one-shots). That is changing this week.

The chosen fandom for my fan fiction binge is Sleepy Hollow. I love the premise and the dynamic between the two main characters. (And I should feel guilty about shipping for Ichabod and Abbie, because he's married to someone else, but I don't, because his wife is boring. Also, she's not technically alive.) I have written 1,000 words or more each day for five days running without breaking a sweat. There's no pressure. I don't worry about living up to any editor's expectations. I don't worry about where I might sell the story. I'm not thinking about aiming for SFWA qualification. All I am thinking about is telling the story. It's freeing.

Now, if only I can translate that to my original fiction ...

If you'd like to read the Sleepy Hollow fan fiction I have titled Possession, I'm posting it at right here. Chapter 1 is up. Chapter 2 will follow tonight.

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