Thursday, December 5, 2013

Cold snap + snow

The temperature this morning at Denver International Airport was -15, which ties the record for this date. We have about 4 inches of snow on the ground from the storm yesterday, and the temperature is not forecast to get above freezing until next Tuesday. That's an entire week of below-freezing temps. In walking my dog this morning as the thermostat said 1 degree, Buddy's paws kept slipping on the snowy sidewalks like a car spinning its wheels.

But according to a fascinating Denver Post article this morning, this isn't the worst weather the city has seen on Dec. 5. One hundred years ago today, the biggest blizzard in state history dumped 45.7 inches of snow on Denver. The best part about this article, which you can link to right here, are the photos. Nowadays we have an army of monster-sized plows; back then, they cleared out the snow with horse-drawn wagons. Someone at The Post did a fantastic job trolling the archives for this stuff.

Today is also my husband's birthday. We've had some historically bad weather on his birthday before. In 2002, when we were living in North Carolina, the state got hit with the worst ice storm I have ever experienced. Looking out the living room window into the dark on Dec. 4, I could see the explosions from transistors. They went off with booms and pops like fireworks. Power was out across most of the region for three days, which meant no light or heat, while temperatures remained in the 20s. The temperatures this week aren't that bad, all things considered. We can handle a little cold.

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