Saturday, December 14, 2013

This past week

Happy Saturday. It's less than two weeks until Christmas, and I've hardly wrapped a thing. That's because I've been busy with two projects with looming deadlines. The first is my next Writers of the Future story, for which the submission deadline is Dec. 31. The other is a cross-stitch I'm trying to finish in time to give it to my daughter for Christmas.

So here's how my days went this week. Got up about 7:15 to take the kids to school; walked the dog; went to Starbucks to write until it was time to go to work; went to work; came home from work and put the kids into bed; cross-stitched until I fell asleep. This is how next week will go as well, and hopefully I will have a finished story by Friday. The cross-stitch is more iffy on whether I will get it done in time.

We here in the Denver area suffered another community tragedy yesterday when a student at Arapahoe High School entered the school with a shotgun with the intention of killing a teacher. The teacher was warned and left the building, hoping to lure the student out. Instead, the teenage boy ended up shooting and wounding two students before he killed himself.

The good news is that our law-enforcement officers are so well-practiced in dealing with these kinds of situations that they knew exactly what to do, which meant the whole thing was essentially over in 14 minutes and the casualties were blessedly low. The bad news is that our law-enforcement officers are well-practiced in dealing with these kinds of situations. Our front page headline this morning on The Denver Post was one word in large, stark type: "Again."

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