Saturday, June 7, 2014

Novel Workshop Days 5 & 6

The weekend is break time, but not really. We don't have scheduled sessions, but we're all spending time in the workshop room working on our assignments. There are storyboards in various forms on almost every inch of wall space. Most of the couches and comfy chairs were filled this morning with writers on their laptops, me included.

My storyboard (in its very early state) is in the photo. It's a giant piece of butcher paper covered in different colored Post-It Notes that signify different things.

I've never plotted a story in such a visual way before. For me, this is an experiment.

The hardest part of the process has been creating major turning points for the plot, the moments when something happens that changes the goals of the characters and the direction of the story in a drastic way. It has helped to give the story a specific framework (based around the news cycle) and to zero in on the major themes.

I've also been working on deepening the characters and the world-building. I've been proud of my progress on my magic system. But over lunch, people raised questions that I don't yet have answers for.

When we're not hard at work on our projects, there's a lot of socializing going on, as you would expect. Also last night, a group of us went to see "Edge of Tomorrow," which was better than I was expecting. In a couple of hours, we're heading out to see the new "X-Men" movie. Two movies in two days is absolutely unheard of for me. I might see that many movies in a theater in a year.

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