Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Novel Workshop, Week 2

Week Two of the workshop is about building on the work from last week. Vague, I know.

After last week's session, for my project, I did a lot of work over several days on how magic relates to the real world (the project is urban fantasy), on one of my two protagonists, and on the newspaper angle.

Today was my second time in the hot seat. Our group talked about the internal workings of my magic system, which I appreciated because I was having trouble with it by myself, and my other protagonist that I hadn't tackled last week.

The immediate work I have ahead of me is world-building. This doesn't surprise me because world-building has always been a weak spot for me. Or maybe it's not a weak spot; I just needed someone to encourage me to do it. The work I've done here at the workshop has been fun and opened up interesting opportunities for the story. In fact, I have more material now than I have room for in one book. I also have several pages in my notebook full of general wisdom about writing.

I have gotten what I wanted out of coming here and more.

And we're not done yet.

We have two more days of workshopping, and then the Campbell Conference this weekend.

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