Sunday, June 22, 2014

Writers of the Future, Quarter 2

Another honorable mention to add to my pile. I knew it was coming. I've been entering this contest long enough that I have a pretty good feel for how my submission is going to place. Of course, I don't set out to write an honorable-mention story. That would be stupid. Every time I set out to write a winner, but the end result often doesn't bridge the gap with my original idea.

In 22 quarters of entering Writers of the Future:
  • Finalist: 1
  • Semi-finalist: 1
  • Silver honorable mention: 1
  • Honorable mention: 12
  • Rejection: 7
I'm finishing up my final edits on my Quarter 3 entry, which I'll submit sometime in the next few days. After that, I'll get back to the novel I started at the workshop earlier this month.

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