Friday, August 15, 2014

Next week

It's that time of year again that children dread: Time to go back to school. My oldest is starting his first year at CU-Denver, while my two youngest are working their way through the public school system. For me, this means two major changes to my schedule from the summer. First, I have to get up at 7:15 every morning. No more sleeping in. Second, I will have free time again that is uninterrupted by monologues about Pokemon and recountings of the adventures of stuffed animals. Some of the things I will do with this free time:
  • Take my laptop to Starbucks, get a coffee and a table, and write. I haven't done this since May, and the baristas at the local shop have probably forgotten who I am.
  • Start exercising again.
  • Get a haircut. Because my hair is about 6 inches too long.
  • See "Guardians of the Galaxy." Finally.
  • Have lunch with a fellow writer.
  • Miss my kids.

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