Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Thoughts on MileHiCon

This is my one convention of the year nowadays. I can't afford to fly to wherever WorldCon or World Fantasy Con is in a given year. MileHiCon isn't big, but I'm starting to appreciate that particular feature. A lot of the people who show up are the same, year after year. Finally, I'm starting to know some people. The result is that I spent as much time this year socializing as I did going to panels.

For those who don't know me, the socializing is surprising, especially to me. I am very introverted. That's not unusual among writers. We work alone and a lot of the work takes place in our own heads. Meeting people and operating in crowds is, for me, as exhausting as running a 10K.

I also went to some great panels. My favorites were the science panels on the Mars One mission, the outer solar system and dark matter; Connie Willis' talk on how to write great dialogue, and a discussion on the evolution of monsters in fiction. I wasn't able to make it to any readings this time around, alas.

I find that the more I grow as a writer, the less I am interested in many of the writing panels, which seem to be geared toward helping writers who are newer to the craft than I am. That's a good sign, I think. It's also a sign that maybe it's time for me to be a guest, rather than a perpetual audience member.

Anyway, it was a good time. The weather was beautiful. The organizers always run a good convention.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

MileHiCon this weekend

I will be wandering the halls and panels of MileHiCon tomorrow through Sunday. This will be my fifth or six year there. I lose count. It's a good time. I get to see some writer friends. I even know a few regular attendees now, so I have folks to hang out with at the bar.

Every year, I tell myself that I should do some panels, sign some books, do a reading. In other words, be a guest instead of a member. But again this year, I will be sitting in the audience instead of at the front of the room. Because of ... intruder syndrome, I guess. I'm starting to feel like a "real writer," whatever that means. I'm writing a novel. I even meet the requirements to join SFWA after my burst of sales and publications over the past three months. But, sit on a panel with Connie Willis, Carrie Vaughn or Michael Swanwick? Yeah. I'm not there yet.

But I will be lurking around, if by any chance anyone wants to find me and chat. I'm always happy to chat, and hang out, and generally have a fun time.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September stats

September was a productive month for me in a lot of ways, but not in the one way I expected it would be, which is novel work. I did not write any words on the novel last month, which is not good in reaching my goal of finishing the novel by next summer. That will change in October. I got distracted by an idea for a short story that turned into novelette, which I entered in Writers of the Future, even though I didn't plan to enter this quarter. Here's what I did accomplish:
  • Words written: 14,000 or thereabouts
  • Stories finished: 1 (also there's a co-written story that's not finished yet)
  • Submissions: 6
  • Acceptances: 1
  • Publications: 1