Sunday, November 16, 2014


Last week, I turned 38, but that milestone was overshadowed by another one: The coldest temperatures Denver has ever seen in November, plus several days of snow. I spent Monday at the DMV renewing my driver's license. When I went in, the day was sunny and 65 degrees. When I came out five and a half hours later, it was 25 degrees and snowing. And it snowed and snowed, and we didn't get back above freezing for several days.

My husband and I had planned to see "Interstellar" on Tuesday (my birthday), but postponed our plans due to the undrivable roads. At least I have something to look forward to this week.

A silver lining to the crappy weather: My new snow tires are proving much better than the old ones.

Despite having frozen fingers, I've made some decent writing progress. This month so far, I've written a short story and two chapters of the novel. I'm well into another chapter that I hope to finish by Friday. I've written about 25 percent of the novel, and it's about 20K. So I'm looking at a finished product of about 80K, eventually.

Submissions stats this month:
Stories out: 6
New submissions: 3

So far this year, I've made 33 submissions. Barring a massive surge in the last six weeks of the year, I won't be beating last year's submission total of 45. I blame that on a couple of things. First, I've actually been selling stories, which takes them out of circulation. Imagine that. And I haven't been writing as many new stories to replace the sold ones because I've been working on the novel, instead.

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