Sunday, November 30, 2014

November stats

My goal was to write one chapter per week on the novel this month, and ... success! Four chapters written, for a total about 13,000 words. I even managed to write almost 4K during Thanksgiving week, with the kids on vacation and not leaving me five minutes of peace. I also wrote through a nasty cold that turned into a sinus infection and incapacitated me for two weeks. And I wrote a slightly-longer-than-a-flash piece at the start of the month (which, coincidentally, I just received a rejection on while writing this blog post).

Next month, I need to put the novel on pause and write something for Writers of the Future. I have no clue yet what I'll write, but I have four weeks to figure it out. I'm not panicked yet. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on results for Quarter 4 of Writers of the Future. I was among the many who received a "your story made it through the first pass" email about two and a half weeks ago.

The stats for November:
  • Words written: 14K or so
  • Stories finished: 1
  • Submissions: 4
  • Stories out on submission: 7

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