Sunday, November 2, 2014

Why I won't do NaNoWriMo

Well, it's November, and for a lot of writers, that means it's time for National Novel Writing Month. I'm writing a novel, but I won't be doing NaNoWriMo. Why? Because 50K in a month would burn me out so completely that I wouldn't write for the next several weeks, which would end up being counterproductive.

My writing time is limited to about an hour a day, give or take. That's because most of my time is devoted to my family and the day job. To write the necessary 1.5K per day to reach the NaNoWriMo goal, I would have to cut into my family time (because the 40 hours/week at the day job aren't negotiable), and I'm not willing to do that.

However, I will work on the novel, and I refuse to give into the distractions of any other writing projects. My goal is to finish one chapter per week, which will probably put me somewhere between 12K and 16K for the month. I'm a tortoise, not a hare. That's all right because the tortoise finishes the race.

While I'm at it, stats for October:
  • Word count: No clue. Probably around 10K. But it could be more. Or less.
  • Submissions: 1
  • Stories out on submission: 5

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