Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goals for 2014 redux

Another year, come and gone. It's judgment day on my goals for 2014.

1. Beat my submission total from 2013
Nope. I didn't make it. For the first year since I started keeping track of my submissions (that would be 2010), I did not increase my submission total over the previous year. My submission total for 2013 was 45. I had hoped to hit 50 submissions this year, but I fell short with 39 (which is the same total I had in 2012).

I put this down to two factors. First, I spent a lot of the second half of this year working on a novel and not on new short fiction. Secondly, I sold more stories this year than in any year since I started this gig, which took stories out of circulation (in the best way possible). I had six sales, five of them to SFWA-qualifying markets:
  • Kitty Is Alive, Kitty is Dead, Daily Science Fiction (published)
  • The Good Girl, AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review (published)
  • The Temptation of Father Francis, co-written with Nick T. Chan, Intergalactic Medicine Show (published)
  • Street Rat, Abyss & Apex (pending publication)
  • Shore Leave, Galaxy's Edge (pending publication)
  • Star Box, Flash Fiction Online (pending publication)

I also had two more stories published that were accepted in 2013:
  • To See Sarah, Abyss & Apex
  • Djinn Coin, Every Day Fiction

Holy moly, that's a list I would have only dreamed about a year ago. I didn't beat my submission total, but I had a damn good year.

2. Apply to a writers workshop
I did this! And I got in! I spent a wonderful, fun and educational two weeks this past summer at the University of Kansas at a novel-writing workshop with instructors Kij Johnson and Barbara J. Webb and seven brilliant classmates. Without that workshop, I would still be floundering on where to start on the urban fantasy novel project. Instead, I am at about 30K and counting on the first draft.

3. Lose some weight
I haven't weighed myself for a couple of weeks, and I can't think the holiday season did anything toward helping me reach my goal of losing 10 pounds. I came very close last spring. Then I went to the workshop, where we ate out every night, and I put all the pounds back on. After that, I never really recovered. But last time I checked, I had lost and kept off about 5 pounds this year. That's halfway to my goal. I'll keep working on it next year.

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