Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New experiences

Some of my writing colleagues have a "bingo card," with each square an achievement that the writer wants to reach. I don't have a bingo card. But I've had two experiences this week that would be on my card if such a card existed.

Yes, I will be boasting in this post. You're warned.

In the first experience, through the magic of Google, I stumbled across an online class for adults who are learning English as a second language. The instructor based an entire lesson around my story "Star Box," which is in the current issue of Flash Fiction Online. I watched the hour-long video of the class. It felt a bit like eavesdropping, I'll admit. The main point is: A story I wrote was the subject of an English lesson. Achievement unlocked.

The second experience came this afternoon, when I submitted a story and received an acceptance a half-hour later. That's super fast. Really, it says more about the editor than it does about me. Still, I've never recorded a "0-day acceptance" before. Definitely a bingo card square. That the acceptance comes from an excellent semi-pro market makes it that much sweeter. I will crow with more details once I've signed the contract.

These have been bright spots in an otherwise difficult week. Thank goodness for bright spots.

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