Thursday, January 1, 2015

Publication Day! "Star Box" at Flash Fiction Online

I woke up groggy this morning (and not because of some wild partying last night, unless you count watching Penguins of Madagascar cartoons until midnight with my daughter),  but it definitely helped to see that my story "Star Box" is published in the January issue at Flash Fiction Online. There's a wonderful illustration by Dario Bijelac. Here's a snippet:
The Old Man opened the old wooden box and lifted out Betelgeuse, red and shining, and the other stars of Orion followed like pearls on a string. He arranged the constellation on his work table. Orion’s shoulders and legs were the brightest points, and the belt glowed blue.
Because you were nice enough to drop by my blog, I'll share a little behind-the-scenes on this story. This is my only story published that has its origins in my childhood. No I didn't climb through a window and find a man with a box of stars, though that would have been awesome. I did look out at the stars at night and wonder where they went during the day. Instead doing of the intelligent thing, which would be to pose the question to my parents, I made up an answer. I decided that there must be a man out there, maybe God, who kept the stars in a box during the day and opened the box to let them out at night. I believed this until I was probably 4 or 5, when someone (I don't know who) must have explained the truth to me. But 35 years later, I still remember my childhood belief in the star box.


Mike said...

I read Star Box. It was beautiful. Thanks for the background.

Jennifer Campbell-Hicks said...

Thanks, Mike!