Friday, January 2, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

New year, new goals. Here we go.

1. Beat my submission total from 2014.
This is my goal every year, to beat the number of story submissions I made in the previous year. The number to beat: 39. If I do 40 submissions, that comes to an average of 3.3 submission per month.

2. Finish the novel.
I am about 30K into the urban fantasy novel that I workshopped last summer at KU. That's probably about 1/3 done. I would like to finish the novel by July 1, which would make it one year after the workshop. We'll see how that goes. If I were only writing the novel, I could do this easily, but I have other projects.

3. Read more.
I didn't read as many novels or short fiction pieces last year as I wanted to. After the day job, family and writing, I don't have much time left in the day for reading, which is sad. I love to read. So I'll use my blog this year to keep account of what I've read, and maybe that will help me to read more.

4. Keep losing weight.
Last year, I lost 5 pounds. This year, I want to lose another 5 pounds. I need to get back into a exercise routine and exert self-control over my diet. (In a side note, I read this story from the Washington Post about how only 5 percent of morbidly obese people who say they want to lose weight actually reach their goal. Among the rest of us, 92 percent fail to reach our New Year's goal. The best solution is prevention: avoid putting on extra weight in the first place.)

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