Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sale! "Transference" to Nature Futures

I signed the contract today, so I feel pretty safe sharing the news that my flash story "Transference" has been accepted for publication in Nature Futures. Yes, that Nature. The weekly journal of science whose articles often get attention in the media. So, this is quite awesome.

It occurred to me this morning that I sell an awful lot of flash fiction, which for those who don't know is generally defined as a story of 1,000 words or less. In fact, the majority of my sales over the years have been of flash-length fiction.

That's partly because flash is faster to write than longer stories. I can write two or three flash stories in the same amount of time it takes for me to write a short story. But it's not any easier. There's an art to writing a complete story with characters and setting, and a beginning, middle and end, in under 1,000 words. I'll do some thinking about how I go about writing flash and work up a blog post with my do's and don't's sometime in the near future.

In non-writing news ... Two months ago, my family lost our beloved dog Buddy to lymphoma. I knew at some point that we would want to get a new dog, but I didn't know how long that would take. Weeks? Months? It seems I now have an answer. We decided this week that it's time. We're still grieving for Buddy, but we're also ready to welcome a new canine member of the family, so we'll be going to a rescue group adoption event this weekend.

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