Saturday, May 9, 2015

What I'm reading

I've been making some progress in my Hugo reading. In the novel category, I've now read three of the five nominees:
  • "Ancillary Sword" by Ann Leckie. I've written a little about this one before. It isn't as impressive to me as the prequel, but it's still an entertaining book.
  • "The Three-Body Problem" by Cixin Liu, translated by Ken Liu. I have never read a story like this one before. The science and math are fascinating. I especially enjoyed the sections involving the video game and the alien planet. My favorite of the ones I've read so far.
  • "The Goblin Emperor" by Katherine Addison, a k a Sarah Monette. This book isn't my thing, which isn't a comment on the quality of the book, only on my own personal preferences. The prose is good. The worldbuilding is cool. The story just never grabbed me.
Still on my reading list: "The Dark Between the Stars" by Kevin J. Anderson. I'm not sure whether I'll read the Jim Butcher nominee. That's only because I've been working my way through Butcher's series, and I don't want to spoil plot points for myself by jumping ahead.

And I'm always reading with my kids. The current bedtime books are:
  • "Rising Storm" by Erin Hunter. My daughter and I are close to the end of this one. I'm sad for some characters who have acted as mentors to Fireheart throughout the series. True to most stories, the young protagonist cannot come into his/her own until the mentors are removed, one way or another. Warrior Cats has a body count to rival Game of Thrones, and this is a series for kids.
  • "Speaker for the Dead" by Orson Scott Card. My son and I finished "Ender's Game" a couple nights ago and have started the sequel. He likes the piggies, but he's wondering where Ender is. I've warned him that Ender doesn't show up for almost 60 pages.

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