Monday, October 26, 2015

MileHiCon, publications and writing

Last week, I was on vacation from the day job. It was a staycation in which, for one glorious week, I got a window into what life might be like as a full-time fiction writer.

On Wednesday (Back to the Future Day), Nature: Futures published my time-travel story "Prime Time," which you can read right here. And you can read the origins of the story, too. (There are Daleks involved.)

Also, I received my contributor's copy of the Far Orbit Apogee anthology from World Weaver Press, which is all about space opera, one of my favorite subgenres.

And if that wasn't enough, Digital Science Fiction published a reprint of one of my all-time favorite stories, "Catch a Fallen Star," which you can purchase right here. (This is the seventh publication from Digital SF, with other stories published from great authors like Martin Shoemaker and Alex Kane. So check out the others, too!) Also, as I write this, my story is ranked No. 37 in the Kindle Store for short reads in science fiction and fantasy, and No. 97 in cyberpunk. Awesome.

MileHiCon from Friday-Sunday was a blast. I enjoyed my panels, and hanging out with friends I see only a couple times a year.

With all that going on, I still wrote at least 1K words on my novel each day. I don't have a final word count tallied for the week yet, but it'll land somewhere between 9K and 10K. That's as much as I usually do in a month when I'm also working at the day job.

And in a lovely coda to the week, my talented friend Dustin Adams has a super fun story today at Every Day Fiction, "Halloween O'Hungering," in which a hungry journalist named Jennifer hunts for food during the Denver Zombie Crawl. This might be "based on true events." Except for the part where she turns into a zombie.

Today, I'm back at the day job. The window is closing for now. But it gives me even more motivation to make writing my permanent, full-time job someday.


Mike said...

That's great news! Now that you've had a taste for the life of a full-time writer, I know you'll press on until you succeed.

Ramasubbu said...

Hi Jennifer,

I enjoyed your short story - "parental control". I am also a budding film maker.
I would love to make a short scifi movie out of parental control. However I am unable to pay the copyright for electronic, non-commercial media which is way high than what i could afford.

Would you be interested ?
Let me know.