Saturday, December 5, 2015

Busy month recap

Happy December, everyone!

A lot has been going on. It's time for an update.

For starters, last month's National Novel Finishing Month was a success. I have a completed first draft. I have a lot of revision ahead of me, but the novel exists in word form now instead of just in my head.

Fireside Magazine will be publishing my story "The Memory Who Became a Girl." The editor kindly called my story beautiful and heartbreaking. This will be my second publication in Fireside; it's been almost exactly two years since "Catch a Fallen Star" also appeared there. The new story will publish sometime in the first half of 2016.

Galaxy's Edge will have my story "The Bone-Runner" in the issue that goes live Jan. 1. The editor there called this one moving and lovely. This will be my second story in the pages of Galaxy's Edge. The first was "Shore Leave" earlier this year.

Stupefying Stories will be publishing "The Witch's Key" in its newest publication Theian Journal. I approved the copy edits a couple weeks ago, so I think that one is imminent.

Digital Science Fiction has "Catch a Fallen Star" and nine other stories in "Cosmic Hooey," which is one of the more imaginative titles I've ever seen for a collection. You can find that right here. And also Digital SF has accepted another of my stories for reprint, "Malfunction," which originally appeared in Ray Gun Revival.

And in a last bit of news,  World Weaver Press has nominated "Masks" in the Far Orbit Apogee anthology for the Pushcart Prize, which honors the best of the small press.


This weekend, I'm writing up my pitch for the "Joe Ledger: Unstoppable" anthology, in which I get to play in the world created by the super talented Jonathan Maberry. Amazingly, this book already has a Goodreads page, which you can go check out and goggle at the amazing writers whose work will be collected in these pages.

With all that going on, we're also getting ready for Christmas in the Hicks household. And today is also my husband's birthday, which means I now have to sign off to go finish making a nice breakfast. Happy birthday, Michael!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Writers of the Future, Quarter 4

Another quarter, another honorable mention. At least it feels that way sometimes. This was my second to last quarter. As of Jan. 1, I will really truly "pro-out" of the contest. That means have one shot left to win, or I never will. The good news is that I don't really need a win; my sales are coming along nicely without it. The whole point of this when I started was to get my foot in the door of the writing and publishing community, but I think I've already accomplished that. Go, me. Still, I would like to attend to the workshop, and meet the writers and judges, and be able to say I'm a winner. It's looking increasingly likely that will never happen. I'll give it my best in my last entry and maybe ...

So, the tally in 28 straight quarters:
  • Finalist: 1
  • Semi-finalist: 2
  • Silver honorable mention: 2
  • Honorable mention: 14
  • Rejection: 9