Friday, January 1, 2016

Publication Day! At Galaxy's Edge

Happy New Year's, everyone!

Last year, I celebrated the new year with the publication of my story "Star Box" in Flash Fiction Online, which I think it is one of the best pieces of flash fiction I've ever written.

This year, I'm celebrating with the publication of a much longer story "The Bone-Runner" in Galaxy's Edge. This is the second time my work has appeared in the pages of Mike Resnick's magazine, which means the first one wasn't a fluke. Now my goal is to go for No. 3.

The story will be free online for the next two months. You can also buy ebook or print versions of the magazine. Information is on the Galaxy's Edge website.

A little backstory on the story (because I'm always interested in how stories come about):

In January 2015, my online writers groups held an annual contest in which the participants write a flash story (750 words or less) each weekend for five consecutive weeks. Each week, we'd get four prompts to choose from to write the story.

In week four, we got what has become the most popular prompt: rummage title generator. The lovely folks who run the contest come up with hundreds of titles, and you pick one and write a story to fit. I chose the title "Running Down the Bones." I wrote a 750-word story about a brother and sister who are scavengers in the ruins of a city (called "the bones") whose very air is poisoned by a chemical cloud, a remnant of some long ago war. The siblings find a lion cub whose mother has died. The sister wants to save it, and the brother to kill it.

I posted the story to the group. The main response: This needs to be longer.

So I made it longer. More than 5,000 words longer.

That flash story is still in there, though modified to fit the larger story I was telling.

(Side note: I wrote in four of the five weeks of that contest, and all four stories are now published. The others are: Transference in Nature Futures, Prime Time in Nature Futures, and Found Day in Daily Science Fiction. This year's contest starts next week.)

I hope you will go read my story, and the many others in the new issue. Enjoy!