Monday, July 11, 2016

Publication Day! "Goosed" at Daily Science Fiction

Today marks my fourth appearance in Daily Science Fiction, with my fantasy story "Goosed." If you're not a subscriber, you can read it on the DSF website right here.

I wrote this story as part of a Codex Writers group challenge called Weekend Warrior, in which you write a story every weekend for five weeks. Each week you choose from a prompt. The prompt that produced this story was "Write about someone who gets a second chance when it seemed impossible." I wrote about a woman who curses her cheating lover but then gives him another chance to do the right thing and apologize. But by the end, I had to wonder whether my protagonist was the one getting a second chance: to show kindness and forgiveness.

Out of the five flash-length stories I wrote as part of this year's Weekend Warrior, "Goosed" is my favorite, and I'm glad it found a great home.


John Beavers said...

I just read this in Daily SF and loved it! I scanned a couple of earlier posts and I agree you're a "dammed good writer". Good luck on future publishing.

Anonymous said...
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