Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year, New Start

I've been absent for a while. So, update:

I left The Denver Post in June, followed by a long and sometimes frustrating job search. That's over now, and I've jumped from print to TV journalism as an assignment editor at KDVR/KWGN (known to local viewers as Fox 31/Channel 2). I'm about a month into the new job, and I enjoy it. Good people, interesting work.

I stopped writing around the end of October. The hiatus wasn't on purpose. It just happened. One day, I was writing, and the next, I wasn't. I found it difficult to write while job-hunting. I also wasn't in a good place emotionally, having been out of work for a while. The good news is, my emotional state is improving a little more every day, and I'm starting to write again. My two current projects: a five-week-five-story flash-writing challenge called Weekend Warrior, and a novel that was at about 26K words before I hit the block. I also plan to post more often here, at least a couple times a week.

That's all for now.